• Grow your Bitcoins every 5 min in our draws
  • Get up to 25% on winnings
  • Over 250 draws a day
  • Play with just 0.0025 BTC!
  • Safe, exciting and transparent raffle mechanism
  • Enroll referrals and earn commissions


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¿What is JuicyBit?

It's a raffling service that will allow you to grow your Bitcoins in a transparent way obtaining up to 25% in winnings

JuicyBit offers a public Bitcoins raffling platform that distributes the jackpot every 5 minutes randomly among the participants, allowing you to grow your Bitcoins up to 25% with ¡Just a minimum entry of 0.0025 BTC!

We also have a referral program, ask your friends and family to sign up and increase your earnings even further by receiving commissions.

Sign up and JuicyBit will do the rest!

JuicyBit is fast and easy
Fast & easy

To sign up to JuicyBit you only require an active Bitcoin address, and with just 0.0025 BTC invested in a couple of minutes you will be participating and growing your Bitcoins.

JuicyBit is safe
Safe & Transparent

JuicyBit works under bank security standards and all our operations are exposed to public and corroborated through services such as BlockChain.info

With JuicyBit you win Bitcoins
Multiply your Bitcoins

JuicyBit lets you get up to 25% of winnings with a minimum entry of just 0.0025 BTC through jackpots accumulated by participants Every 5 minutes! with random draws.

JuicyBit referral program
Referral Program

With our referral program earn commissions from JuicyBit's operations of your friends and family.

How does it work?

  • 1 Signup

    Create your username and password, you only need few information and your Bitcoin address. Minimum entry of just 0.0025 BTC!

    Paso 1
  • 2 Get JuicyBits

    To participate in the raffles you must acquire JuicyBits (credits with a cost of 0.01 BTC each), the used Bitcoins will become part of the jackpot of the next draw.

    Paso 2
  • 3 Jackpot

    Every 5 minutes, the Bitcoin Jackpot will be raffled by selecting 100 random winners for every 1 BTC accumulated. The amount of the prize will depend on the amount of JuicyBits you have in your account. The more JuicyBits you have the greater the prize is.

    Paso 3
  • 4 JuicyBits Redemption

    Each time you win, your JuicyBits balance will decrease (at a rate of 1 JuicyBit for every 0.0125 BTC earned). If you do not win, your JuicyBit balance will remain intact and will be used in the next draws.

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  • 5 Transfer your winnings

    The Bitcoins won in the draws can be immediately transferred to your Bitcoin address. You can also reuse them to acquire more JuicyBits and increase your profits even more.

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  • 6 Earn JuicyBits through our Referral Program

    Invite your friends and relatives to signup in JuicyBit and earn a direct life-time commission of 5% of the JuicyBits that they acquire.

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